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This platform provides the opportunity to match jobs in domestic work, child care, and special care for older persons and persons with special needs.
Your rights as workers and employers are specified in the draft employment conditions, which set the minimum conditions of employment.
After agreeing on details related to wages, at least the minimum wage or above, and the place of accommodation for the worker, as well as contributions to social protection such as health insurance and social security, etc., all details will be added to the draft employment conditions which becomes a binding contract between the two parties.

Employment conditions

MOL Care Digital Platform

  1. Scope of employment


  1. Type of employment
  1. Duration of employment
  1. Accommodation of the worker


  1. Wages

Wages shall be paid in full, in cash against a receipt. Payment to be made:

*Both parties shall keep a copy of the payment receipts.
The applicant agrees to the wage amounting to:

  1. Occupational Safety and Health
  1. Freedom of movement communication and contact with others


  1. Weekly and daily working hours and breaks in case of full-time employment

– The maximum weekly working hours are forty-eight (48 hours) at an average of eight hours per day.
– Overtime can be a maximum of two hours per day and is paid at an additional 50% of the normal hourly rate.
-In case of work on a public holiday, the service provider is entitled to compensatory time-off or payment to be agreed between the two parties.

  1. Leaves and holidays


In the event of part-time employment or if the contract period is less than one year, the above leaves and holidays are calculated pro rata.

  1. Additional Benefits (Optional): The employer may contribute to additional benefits, particularly:

10: Termination of the employment
a- Termination with notice


  1. Termination without notice

–           Either party may terminate the employment relationship without notice in case:

11: Settlement of disputes